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  Ayatojo: hi all dragonpsyc here main guild chronoz
  Kimbollt: Yo peeps.
  Wishgranter: 1/2 Their stories and biography can be found here and seen here in their own LIVING words, THEIR NAMES IMORTAL AND FOREVER IN OUR HALL OF LEGENDS (funsouls).
  Wishgranter: 1/1 Site is under maintanence by mr wishgranter and helpers. FUNSOULS will be restored and our most important asset THIS SITE which holds most history and legendary heroes who helped and meant so much to funsouls.
  Valkrinian: missing you all...hope everyone has a great Xmas :)
  Kimbollt: How is everyone?
  __Stacey__: Welcome all new member to FunSouls!!
  Wishgranter: Yea some of us more would too if some officers let members know. lol We KNO WHO U ARE. LMAO
  EmoGoDie: do we still actualy use this page? just wondering
  Wishgranter: Team speak 3 info: Click on connections and then put in channel info and password is 1Newpassword2345
  Wishgranter: Thanks to all that showed up for weeks strategy will be given and executed. Time we beat chocolate....
  __Stacey__: Wow am i seeing this right? Is the server really down?
  Quantized: I'm back to playing PWI :P If anyone needs my help or anything just send me a PM ingame
  XXXTAMER: vent info
  SnowyAngel: TW Saturday April 12 at 20:09 server time
  Pixi_Perfect: Bring the Thunder....Let It Echo. We Are FunSouls... We are Here To Stay!
  Pixi_Perfect: may an event... some practice place. just some good old fashion hints.
  Pixi_Perfect: member joining for tw support..checklist and tactice need be conveyed
  Pixi_Perfect: wb stacey
You do not have permission to shout
FunSouls Rules
-We are an RPK faction. Follow PWI's rules, and be respectful when pk'ing. Please refer to PK rules in Guild Discussions Forum for further details. Guilds on our "notable friendlies" and "allies" lists should not be pk'd out of respect.

-Guild chat, Vent, and Forum are PG13. Any "accessive" foul language will not be tolerated. Have fun, but don't go overboard. Any racial, religious, or offensive sexual jokes/converstations should NOT be used in guild chat or vent as well.

-Officers are willing to help, and may be busy at times. Be patient when asking for help in guild chat.

-Any scams will be investigated. Punishment can be demotion, one warning, or even booted from faction. Funsouls has a reputation of freindly guild members to uphold. Scammers will be taken seriously.

KOS Guilds: None
KOS Players: PewPew_Girl, SilentRedd
Scammers to watch out for: xAngelSinx

Formal Allies: Toyotomi

Notable Friendlies: Chronoz, KageBushi, DangUrUs, d'Anconia, banditos, Powerosos, Instinct, NcN, Poseidon, Forbiden, xKohonax, DemiGoDz

Wars: None